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The state also discharges or seals records of a successfully completed first-time offense and does not release juvenile court information. An exception is if the individual is applying for a position that requires entering a secure facility like a prison or military installation as a contractor or vendor, volunteer or visitor.

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In such circumstances, the entire adult criminal history is released. Official records, verified through fingerprints, are necessary for many purposes like adopting a child, immigrating, and becoming a first responder. These records may be requested through the Georgia Applicant Processing Service. Criminal court records that are public in Georgia include, but are not limited to:. Only juvenile records, some restricted records, and some sealed records are excluded from employer and public background checks in Georgia.

All others are available to be viewed. There are few exceptions to these situations. Some specific instances where restricted and sealed records can be available are in regards to potential employers. Often these employers are law enforcement. Provisions for these exceptions are located in the Georgia legal statutes. Should there be information on a Georgia criminal background check that is incorrect, or outdated, an individual must contact the Georgia Crime Information Center GCIC at. The request must be on official letterhead and include:.

Any inaccurate information cannot be updated without documentation and authorization from the agency that submitted the information. If changes need to be made to a Georgia background check due to mistaken identity, fingerprint identification must be made. Fingerprints must be submitted to GCIC for comparison along with a certified check or money order for processing fees. For further information on criminal background checks in Georgia, the authoritative source is the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Their site contains additional references regarding Georgia background checks, fingerprinting, identity theft, and all related agency links.

Similarly, those applying for mortgages, apartment leases, new car loans, and other significant responsibilities may have their financial history checked by a Consumer Reporting Agency. The consumer reporting agencies can be found here. A copy of your Motor Vehicle Report from the state of Georgia can be requested here.

Unofficial copies may be used for informational purposes such as correcting errors on your record. An official copy is likely necessary for any employment that involves driving, to get auto insurance, or to lease a car. The report will have information on any misdemeanor and felony driving violations, tickets, and DUIs from other states as well.

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It also boasts the highest number of residents under court supervision, whether parole or probation, among its population of about 10 million. A survey of the jail population showed that in the incarceration rate was swollen by many thousands awaiting trial. The F. These statistics mean that adults in Georgia are likely to have a criminal history, whether misdemeanors or felonies, that require research when applying for a job, housing, to adopt a child, to join the military, get a gun license , or to get a mortgage. Background Check in Georgia Sophie Wright.

Fees are collected at the site as well. Once the applicant submits their fingerprints at one of the listed GAPS locations, criminal background records are available on the GAPS site within 24 to 48 hours. Georgia Gun Background Check. Georgia gun laws are not very complicated. Owning a gun only requires an individual be 21 years of age or older and have a valid, state-issued ID. However, the individual cannot be a felon who is restricted from owning a gun. Box Decatur Georgia Sophie is a passionate blogger. Being in love with writing her whole life, she started her Free Background Checks blog as a way to shed light and give knowledge on many major social issues and make a difference with her word.

The blog was born out of a pure desire to share and connect.

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