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The idea is that image heavy emails without much text can raise a red flag for SPAM filters. Read on to see what goods we discovered!

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That way, when testing we would know that an email got caught in a SPAM filter from a change in the text to image ratio and not another underlying factor. This was a little bit of an uphill battle to appease each and every SPAM filter but we did it!

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Now that we had an email that would pass through all SPAM filters, we created email files that ranged in the number of characters and the number of images used. Before we added images to our files, we made 16 different content-only files that ranged from — , characters. We then cloned each file three times and added images so each email had either no images , one image , two images or three images. For example, one of our original content-only files consisted of characters.

After cloning and creating all the different variations, the four files types existed below:.


Because our previous research showed us that image size does not affect deliverability, we did not vary the image dimensions in the tests. By leveraging our SPAM reporting , which tests against 23 of the most popular SPAM filters , we found that if your email has characters or more, content to image ratio does NOT affect deliverability! All of the emails we tested with characters or more got the green light from all the SPAM filters, regardless the number of images added. A SPAM email often consists of sentences with a single link within it.

It took me about 5 seconds to search in my junk folder to find a SPAM email structured this way. Check it out below:. After we uncovered this breaking point, we wanted to look closer and see if text to image ratio for emails UNDER characters or less affected deliverability. We found that if you are sending an email with characters or less, make sure you have a supporting image within the email. We came to this conclusion because when an email file was comprised of characters or less and did NOT have any images within the email, each email was caught in the 4 SPAM filters below:.

Once one image was added to the mix , the number of SPAM filters that blocked an email with characters or less decreased from 4 filters to 3 filters :. Our next step of testing was to examine if adding more images to files with characters or less would further decrease the number of SPAM filters that failed. Alas, no dice.

Emails with one, two or three images will still get stuck in Outlook , , and It seems the Outlooks turns their noses up at emails with sparse text, whether or not images are in the mix. What issues have you seen regarding text to image ratio and deliverability? Have you done testing on SPAM filters and seen different results? Hailing all the way from England, Alex brings his email development expertise along with an endless stream of cups of tea and British cynicism.

Follow him on Twitter: omgitsonlyalex. Interesting stuff, glad you put it all to the test! The image to text ratio thing has generally been a thing for stand alone filters like Outlook client and Spam Assassin.

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The larger free inbox providers like Hotmail Gmail etc. In my experience of Spam Assassin having at least 3 images and not all touching, seems to please it, 2 images not being enough. If you think about the evolution of the spam filter as spammers would work out how they identified them and altered their tactics it kind of makes sense. Perhaps there might be some overriding factors which has an affect on your numbers — for example the Sender Reputation of the mailing list in particular?

If you send to a mailing list with really good reputation, then that might perhaps bring that character down, alternatively, if you have a really poor one then you might need to increase things. By characters — are you counting that in the html code, or actual displayed text? How have you defined images as 90 odd characters? I absolutely agree with the points you made. Sender reputation greatly effects your deliverability. Sorry I could not have Concannon, U.

Paul E. Funeral arrangements will be announced later by Tinney and Sons of Palo Alto. San Mateo T Mass of Christain Burial will be Thursday, May 19, at 9 a. Timothy's Catholic Church, Dolan Ave. Married in Waltham, Massachusetts in My grandfather was Martin Dolan born Roscommon. Came to NY in Settled in Brooklyn.

Sound familiar to anyone? Scotland to Edinburgh. He married Mary Barrett in Mary's ancestors belonged to Cavan McGuire and Dolan I have tried numerous searches but all of them draw a blank. After Michael Hackett died abt. Only 2 of the sib Hello David. My great-great grandmother was Anne Stretton. I have gleaned some information about her from the Leitrim-Roscommon Census and my great-grandmother's birth certificate. Anne Stretto Can any of you Dolan experts help me out? Thanks in advance,. Just get back to me and I will be glad to Dear Dave: Thank you so very much for the information on Mary Dolan.

It was very thoughtful of you to add the description of the area that she came from. It makes it so much more personal. The entry you will see below was found at the Mormon Church site at www. Then he wanted the stuff in the house and he offered a bit extra for it. He got a great deal without any competition.

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So, when I sent my first letters out, I felt like I had been doing this for a year. Because of what I learned in Mastery , this is the easiest business I've ever gotten. Just sold the first listing I got from my first set of probate leads. Took all of 3 weeks! Now I should be getting my first testimonial for my Probate Website. My client is very pleased! The Mailbox Motivator Direct Mail and phone calls are working! I've done one mailing and 2 phone calls so far. I received an inbound call from an attorney with about Acres included in a Trust and she had remembered my letter and calls.

Closed 1st Probate Yesterday with an investor I called before even putting on the market! All done in 20 days, cash sale! My 2nd listing goes live tomorrow and the 3rd listing next week. The customer service here is fantastic!

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In June or July, our company received an incorrect lead spreadsheet. As soon as we notified Jim and his team, they were on top of it immediately! Our new and corrected lists were sent back to us within a couple days.

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Two thumbs up from our team! It's so easy - great training videos, sample letters, mailing service, integration with Vulcan dialer, and now the CRM I got a few calls with my 1st mailing. One was a multi-million dollar luxury waterfront property! What a nice surprise. With each mailing, more calls come in. Two listings already