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In February of last year, a soon-to-be-homeowner in Olive Branch, Mississippi got an email that seemed to be from an attorney involved with the sale. But when the buyer showed up to finalize the sale, their broker and loan officer said the money never arrived. As it turned out, the email with the wire transfer instructions had been sent by a con artist impersonating the attorney, according to an FBI affidavit filed Aug. The incident was partially responsible for touching off an FBI investigation that is tracking what the bureau believes to be a multimillion-dollar identity theft ring operating out of at least two US states.

The money was deposited into the accounts of several phony companies the ring set up using the names of people whose identities had been stolen. They then laundered the money further, by transferring it into accounts at other banks, also established using stolen identities. Investigators dug through bank records associated with the fraudulent accounts, looking for clues.

In what was presumably a sea of fake names and dead ends, they discovered a check drawn on one of the accounts that was then deposited into an account at JPMorganChase. The account was linked to a company called Kelz Interior Design, and had been registered with the State of Texas by someone named Brittany Cavaness Barrett. She said she was running a fitness business near the airport, and denied having anything to do with identity theft. Another included a screenshot of an incriminating deposit slip.

Just be aware of one issue which I personally find as comical. The sad thing about this whole issue is, now WhitePages. But then I discoered it was written to complain about these informational site. How embarrased am I? In summary, if individuals use the Internet, I am as guilty as everyone then we have no one to blame for lack of privacy but ourselves. I ask, is there any reason to complain about it? I think not.

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When the phone rings, do yourselves a big favor, get that stress right out and yell at them at the top of your lungs. Then just hang up. We are sorry for your loss Will you be needing a full burial? Or is your loved one to be creamated. You can stay on to hear the telemarketer sound flustered. Best Regards, Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Why be so upset about those hard working telephone marketers; they are just working for their income, right?

Do us all a favor and make more unrelated, ridiculously long, and equally ignorant comments, please-we have so much to learn from you, nut job. I too came here to find out the best site, having used Spokeo for a year and found it wanting. I need the info to protect myself from a violent man. Everyone should have an alternate web-based email address to use for those websites that require email verification in order for you to get info. Repeat the process a few times, while U get the right person.

That secondary link to the P. Sometimes I think I pay for this phone so the telemarketers have a number to call. MOST of the calls to my business line are from telemarketers. Crazy over board u write way too much. Better move to Amazon …that is the rain forest not webpage lol.

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The beginning of your post seemed smart, but the sheer extent of your post scares me, and is enough to scare anyone. You really need to go outside and enjoy your surroundings… maybe even get around to enjoying your life in the process.. The first time any of us logged on to the Internet, knowing it or not, we opened our private lives to everyone. Forgive my language! Think about it? I especially liked your comment on those who are on Welfare….

Just had to comment on YOUR comments. Martha Washington. Enjoyed your commentary. I took notes and got one to add: Hello. Eva Trammell. Opting out or removing your information from people search, public records websites, etc. The fact remains that you can never remove the public itself whether it be a deed, trust deed, notice of default, court record, etc. The only way to remove a public record is through a legal process whether it be sealing, expungement, purging, or destruction.

All these search sites does is make it easier and faster to locate records, but anyone can search and purchase these records directly from the official government website. These sites can serve numerous important purposes. I know someone who had an associate abscond with their shared property and they just went into hiding. There are so many reasons that a person may need to reach out to someone and to say these sights are always a bag negative thing can be debated endlessly.

Mostly if you have nothing to hide who cares if you can be contacted? If you are celebrity or something perhaps then it is a different matter and there are many different matters when privacy counts. But what about the good these sites do? You wrote about peoplefinder. Which company did you intend to write about? I want to know what I can do to get myself removed from these websites!

Since I ran across this website I feel the need to add my two cents in. They do provide information but nothing more than what you can find yourself with a little internet knowledge. You have to be a private investigator, police, and insurance company.

We have to past a thorough business credit history, office inspections, data security and so on. We have a lot of people come to us after failing on one if not all of the sites you mentioned. They had no working phone numbers and the address is no longer correct. We see it all the time public records are not always the answer. One more thing if you do not have to physically sign any type of contract agreement. They are not going to provide anything more than public information and not a detailed report. Use this link to file a complaint against Radaris.

Good idea? Tatyana would love a card or fruit basket, no? Call her up to thank her for doing a bang-up job as Acting Principal over at Radaris Headquarters! Miller approx. She also has ties to Brookline, MA. So give a shout out to Tatyana Miller or look-up her family members and send them a friendly note or give them a polite phone call?

Miller Katy Miller.


Thank you so much Tatyana! I really appreciate what you and your company are doing for the Public Good! I am so glad that you posted this! That is hysterical and brilliant to say the least…awesome idea. Should be posted somewhere on those people search websites. Dam, where is a super genius hacker when u need one? I was try all of your list. Poor Tatyana. Looks like her beloved husband just died last year.

Beloved husband of Tatyana Khudyakova Miller. Loving son of Lydia and Efim Miller. Devoted father of Dennis and Katerina. Dear brother of Elena Zaretsky. Please clarify. PeopleFinders is a complete rip-off! When I received the receipt, it was for 24 hours! I called customer service to find out how they were going to correct the problem.

Hmm — the order was placed through the PeopleFinders web site or a link on the site. This is a complete bull. It appears the PeopleFinder may have signed up with some 3rd party marketing company. This is an unethical practice to gouge the consumer. Maybe PeopleFinders is not legally at fault, but with these unethical practices, it is a company I would recommend not doing business with.

However, I am not going to do conduct business with a company with such poor practices. They will charge you if you enter your personal info. Radaris is one of the worst. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?

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  6. Appreciate it! I tried to remove my name from these people search sites. Radaris was uncooperative. They insist you open an acct. Foolishly, I did. All this for privacy! I just sighed up for Spokeo, but found that they have no ability to search other than the 5 criteria they display above the input box, i. For me, this rendered the subscription unusable. They did say that they were updating the searching criteria in the near future.

    I was only on for less than an hour before I realized the constraint. I asked and Spokeo did cancel my subscription. They also provided a full refund for my subscription. Spokeo charges 4. This is pure fraud,bait and switch and false advertising. The information is dubious at best. How much did this guy get payed by spokeo to write this? Correction,if you want someone looking for you sent down wrong trails,hope he is using spookeo. Please sign the petition on change. We need stop this crap and have a right to contain basic privacy. Maybe you been wanting to find an old school friend from high school You can look for a family member that moved away and you lost their information.

    Just who ever you want to find except adopted information. I do the search for free. If you give me good information to search for them then I can find more information for you. If you are interested in finding someone please come to my facebook group and ask to join. After you are approved post who it is your looking for. Please be sure to read the introduction to what is needed for the search. Here is the link I hope you will try my group first before you pay any money. Michael Dennis Mcewen found me on some of these sites. I had him investigated by my ex, and he is a con artist pretending to be a fashion clothes designer.

    And married. With 6 kids by 4 other women. He is 40 so he says. I had him arrested for stealing my diamond earrings, but dropped charges after 2 days. He mailed it back the next day. He is a handsome Caucasian male, watch out ladies. The fact that you have Spokeo on here under anything remotely good, just goes to show what a dumbass you are.

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    Records are SO old. I found more stuff just looking on Google. Give me a break. Whitepages Is the worst. Thier info is sparse at best and at least 5 years outdated. People dont fall off the face of the earth when they use credit cards and collect govt money. Their custoner service is horrible.

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    Nothing but flimsy excuses. Id rank them last.

    A new People Finder that you may find interesting. Intelius — my experience is that it is such a SCAM! It is probably in their Terms and Conditions, but I think it is still fraud. Online Privacy Abine What's happening now in online privacy, from pop culture to law to personal stories.


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