What is search engine friendly urls

These are separated by dot. How important? For example, imagine you run a blog.

In order to do best by search engines and your users, keep your URLs short, try and use a keyword if you can, and stay on top of deploying redirects where needed. Subscribe to Enginess Digital Insights.

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What is a URL?

But why worry about the www vs non-www issue in the first place? The thing is, some of your backlinks may be pointing to your www version, while some could be going to the non-www version. You can do this via the redirect, in Google Search Console, or by using a canonical tag, the latter of which we will look at in more detail below. So, canonical tags. These are a very helpful piece of code when you have multiple versions of what is essentially the same page.

By adding a canonical tag, you can tell Google which one is your preferred version. Canonical tags are useful for just about any website, but they are particularly powerful for online retailers. Now, all three URLs lead to the same content. Main content will be your lead page in each section that really sets out what your category is all about.

Why do URLs matter for SEO?

It will set out your stall as a relevant source for a topic. Our site is e-commerce focused and we want to sell the product, of course. However, going for the jugular and only pushing out product pages is tantamount to SEO tunnel vision.

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Our initial research from Moz Keyword Explorer is a great resource as we make these plans. Below, I have exported the keyword list and reduced it to the highest-volume topics. By thinking in terms of main content and supplementary content, a product is just as likely to qualify as main content as a category is. From here, we can dig into some of these topics and start to flesh out what each hub might look like. Some clear opportunities already stand out to create content and rank via rich snippets.


Search engine friendly URLs are important for your SEO

Combined with ranking difficulty metrics, business priorities, and content production capabilities, this approach will soon take shape as a site hierarchy and opportunity analysis. These are exactly the kinds of decisions that can lead to a confused structure if a consistent logic is not followed. This type of content often already exists on site, too. I am not claiming anything revolutionary by saying a website should have lots of useful information, after all. However, the structure of this content and how entities are semantically linked to each other makes the difference between success and failure.

Updating and moving existing content will always be an easier sell than asking for an all-new content hub. The former is for the search engines, while the latter is mostly designed for human users although it has other uses t This is especially true if you actually process customer orders and capture sensitive financial information online. You can learn about the details of this process here. One of the top providers is Namecheap.

I keep the number of words in these URLs to a minimum, but you can still get a sense of what you can expect to find by clicking on those links. According to an interview with Matt Cutts , this is a pretty good formula to stick with. The bottom line is that you want to condense the essence of your content into roughly three to five words and try to use a max of 60 characters.

Guide to SEO-Friendly URLs

In fact, it could quite possibly be a nefarious link that will infect your computer with a terrible virus. At some point, it will probably be pasted as the original naked URL. So the point here is that simplicity and clarity are what you want to aim for when creating URLs. For a long time, stop words were viewed by many SEOs as an unforgivable sin that simply could not be forgiven. If your URL structure still makes sense and is readable, including stop words is only going to make your URL longer and more complicated.

But if you feel like you need to include a stop word for your URL to make sense and more readable then go ahead and include it. The easiest way for me to explain the difference between the two is to simply show you a graph from Perishable Press. Users can still tell what the content is about with the second, restructured URL, but it contains fewer folders.

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And if you really want to get specific in terms of the number of folders to use, stick with one or two. Although this practice is unlikely to skyrocket you to the number one spot, it should give your ranking a slight boost. It enables the URL to serve as the anchor text when your content is copied without including anchor text to clarify. This way people can instantly tell what your content is about at a quick glance regardless of where they find the link.

This takes the guesswork out of it and will encourage more people to inevitably click on your content. Repetition is pointless because Google will in no way reward you for using a keyword that appears more than once what is it ? There are several variables that must be addressed when structuring URLs to appease both search engines and human users.

It starts with the more technical aspects like choosing a top level domain and getting an SSL certificate so users know that your site is safe. And when you really analyze it, the process largely boils down to a lot of common sense principles that can be encapsulated into three main words. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And it seems simple enough. If only it were that easy. One thing they point out is that using a top level domain TLD is usually your best bet.

But what it does tend to do is increase trust for human users. And this is huge. Just look at how the monetary damage reported by cyber crime has increased from to Not only does this keep your visitors at ease, it has actually become a ranking signal. There are several companies you can choose from to buy an SSL certificate.